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Physical In-State Office Requirements

Certain states require out-of-state Mortgage companies to maintain a physical location within their state. Orion Licensing provides assistance in fulfilling this statutory requirement. We maintain a database of office locations and work regularly with property managers who understand the needs of out-of-state Mortgage companies.

Key Personal and Qualified Managers

Certain States Require an in-state key person or qualified manager. Whether you want us to assist you to become that person or use one of the already qualified persons we maintain relationships with, we have solutions available for you to fulfill these requirements.

Determining What States are Best for You

Many factors determine what states are best for you to obtain a mortgage license in. Whether you intend to become a national or regional mortgage company or select among a predetermined set of states you will need to make a comprehensive analysis of what states best suit your goals. Do you seek certain type of loans or clients? Or do you want to enter into additional markets fast and want to apply in states with the quickest Mortgage application processing times? Or some combination of the above? Whatever your decision, it will involve a comprehensive analysis and implementation strategy. Let us share our expertise with you. When you become our client, you don't just receive fast Mortgage application assistance, you receive a strategy for implementing your larger goal, making your company grow.

Do you have credit issues or a criminal incident?

Each state mortgage licensing authority weighs each of these items differently. Bad credit or a past bankruptcy is not necessarily an immediate denial for all state mortgage authorities. Certain criminal incidents are not a barrier to obtaining a mortgage license either. We have successfully assisted clients with these types of issues and helped them to properly obtain their licenses with full and truthful disclosure.

How recent the incident occurred and the nature of the incident factor into many of the state mortgage license authorities' decision on whether to issue a mortgage license. If you do have these concerns, no guarantee can be made regarding the outcome, but this should not necessarily be a barrier to you.

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