Mortgage Licensing Services

Mortgage Licensing Services

Nationwide Mortgage Licensing

We are the nation’s premier full-service Mortgage license assistance company.
If your Mortgage company wants a national presence, we are your logical choice. Undertaking a national Mortgage licensing strategy is too large of an investment in time and money to trust to just anyone. You need a company that is knowledgeable and pro-active. We also understand that you expect accountability and results. Nothing is worse than hiring a company, getting voicemail and no callbacks and not knowing the status of your applications. With Orion Licensing, you will always know the exact status of your Mortgage license applications.

Customized State Mortgage Licensing Plans

Although we are capable of assisting your Mortgage company with getting licensed in all 50 states, certain states will be a better fit for your specific situation. We are not a one-size fits all Mortgage licensing company. We listen to our client’s specific needs and based on their specific situation assist them in developing a Mortgage licensing plan that is right for them.

Responsible individuals and other key people and Physical Office Services

Orion Licensing regularly assists Mortgage companies with finding out-of-state Mortgage personnel. Through our years of locating out-of-state Mortgage personnel, we have created a network of key personnel, ready to assist you.

Business Plans and Other Supporting Documents

Completing the Mortgage license application correctly is just one step in properly filing your Mortgage license application. You will need supporting documents. These may include such things as business plans, quality control plans, grievance policies and other documents. If you do not have such documents, we offer assistance in creating these documents based on each client’s specifications.


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