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The Law Offices of Peg Yang, P. C. provide immigration legal services to corporations, entrepreneurs, business owners, employees and self-employed professionals from all over the world who come to the United States to create better and more by utilizing their talents, skills and creativities.

For business owners and entrepreneurs, our approach is to first understand the nature and traits of your business, as well as the development stage and goals of your business. Then, we will learn your personal immigration needs along with your family members. Finally, we could map out a couple of possible immigration options and we will discuss and find out the most suitable one that can align all aspects of interests. Our goal is to facilitate your endeavor of creating wealth and opportunities in the United States.

For employers and HR personnel, our approach is to first understand the company’s needs and restrictions, as well as the company’s procedures and requirements regarding confidential information involved in the representation. We will promptly answer every immigration-related question and act proactively to facilitate the decision-making and smooth running of your business. We provide easy-to-follow guidance and solid support to employers and HR personnel through the whole representation process. Our goal is for you to save time and obtain results.

For employees and self-employed professionals, our approach is to first conduct a thorough review of your entire immigration history in the U.S., as well as your educational and experience background. We will ask questions, will help you to ask questions and will answer all your questions. We will help you to design a filing strategy which best utilizes your background and minimizes existing and possible constraints. Our goal is for you to gain a sense of control of your life and a peace of mind.

We are looking forward to serving you by our quality and ethical representation.